The Switch Lite is Just Fine

The Switch Lite, like all Nintendo’s downgrade-revisions before it, is a perfectly fine addition to the current landscape of Nintendo gaming that we have. It’s not that far off from what we’ve seen in the past with the 2DS (even the 2DS XL), Gameboy Micro, DSi, and even the Wii Mini that sold for a short while. The fervor over it seems unjustified, but as with gaming in 2019, it’s expected.

Nintendo announced the Switch Lite on July 10, 2019 and with the announcement came scrutiny over how Nintendo did not simply make a Switch that has built-in joycons and somehow retains all its other features. The biggest differences between the two is that the Switch Lite does not have TV or tabletop modes, no HD rumble or IR sensor, is not compatible with LABO kits, and lacks the ability to change the joycon controllers. There are other smaller differences that ultimately tie back to the aforementioned changes, but, in a nutshell, those are the major changes. Gamers were not pleased with this – not at all.

Personally, I hate reading articles that simply utilize words like “entitled” to define someone’s characteristics and how their opinions and voice are guided …