Crafted by Shawn Wilkins, written by Shawn Wilkins. Legal name, Darrien.

Who Am I

I’ve been a writer for practically all of my professional life. It was not until recently that I’ve realized there’s a seemingly ever-observant difference between being black and into tech versus being into tech and being black. There’s a term that I’ve used – that I’m sure others have coined well before me – that is “culturally black.” Meaning, all of the things are around me and the life I live from comes an understanding and encapsulation of being culturally black. This is simply my log, journal, notebook fo thoughts I have regarding tech and what it’s like for me as someone who is culturally different from what is so visible around me.

Contact or Follow

Contact me at cup@macchia.to if you must.

If your need to contact me exceeds the constraints of both time and space, contacting me on Twitter would be the best bet.

Pre-Established Bias

It should be known ahead of time that my love for Nintendo reigns true. I do hold them accountable of their faults and never brush them to the side, but nine out of ten times, their problems are prefaced by a million exemplary feats.

My love for Apple is there – but only in aesthetics. As a “life-long” iPhone user, I do apologize is anything comes off with a scent of Android-hating prejudice.

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