Crafted by Shawn Wilkins, written by Shawn Wilkins. Legal name, Darrien.

Who Am I

I’ve been a writer to various different degrees for the past eleven years (as of 2018). I’ve written for tech sites focusing on phones and the world around them. I’ve ventured into covering gaming and the culture that comes with it. I’ve even started a few sites of my own that tackle the broader themes of our own tech-based culture here in the 21st century.

Outside of that, I love my pets. I have two dogs, Mojo and Sadi, and a few cats. I love them all, but I’ll refrain from naming them so I do not exceed my text limit.

Contact or Follow

Contact me at cup@macchia.to if you must. All posts are from a personal place with personal bias attached, but if an issue is found, or you simply want to talk, I can indeed be reached at any time throughout the day.


If your need to contact me exceeds the constraints of both time and space, contacting me on Twitter would be the best bet. Do not try to DM me, however, as I will probably miss it or simply become engaged in something else in the meantime. Public reply, call me out – just don’t DM.

Pre-Established Bias

It should be known ahead of time that my love for Nintendo reigns true. I do hold them accountable of their faults and never brush them to the side, but nine out of ten times, their problems are prefaced by a million exemplary feats.

My love for Apple is there – but only in aesthetics. The time for change has come, personally, and they may sneak through into my writing as well. As a “life-long” iPhone user, I do apologize is anything comes off with a scent of Android-hating prejudice.

All links posted here will be free of tracking on my part. Meaning, if the site choses to track you beyond my knowledge, I will have no control over it. If any link seems suspicious, you may contact me at the aforementioned email or Twitter. All links will go directly to their source and if you notice any oddities about this, please contact me as soon as humanly possible.

This isn’t my bread and butter, but it is my passion. If you ever feel inclined to donate, you can do so through Cash App or PayPal. Never will I request payment nor do I expect it, but I do understand this is how some people chose to show their appreciation.